Hi, I'm Martin Novák

Martin Novák

I’m a full stack software developer, freelancer. I work on projects in iOS, Angular, and Java/Node backends. I also did a lot with geospatial, blockchain, 2D visualisations and 3D. I work remotely.

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My personal projects

There is a list of a couple of my active personal projects.

Exif Editor


Exif Editor helps you to manage EXIF metadata in your photos on macOS. I developed and I’m selling this software in the Apple AppStore.

The app was originally developed in Objective-C, rewritten to Swift during time.

👉 exifeditor.com



AER is an augmented reality application and platform that focuses on the creating and distribution of AR content for art, media, e-commerce and marketing campaigns.

I developed backend using Micronaut/Kotlin, admin using Angular and the iOS application.



Online e-learning platform for well-being.

I developed the Angular client app and NestJS Node backend.

👉 www.storyhackers.com

Some projects from the past

I also worked on these projects in the past



Luucy is a geospatial startup that is helping architects and developers to quickly visualise their projects in the context of real geospatial data. It also helps you with quickly prototype and estimate costs of construction projects.

At the beginning of the project, I developed the backend server using Spring, Postgres/Postgis. Later I moved on to maintain CesiumJS integration and I created 3D modeling tools for prototyping buildings and dynamically adding various elements to the scene.

I’m 👉  CesiumJS certified developer

Have a look at https://luucy.ch

Client: LUUCY AG, Luzern, CH



I developed iOS application that helped you to measure hearth rate.

Gastro Wizard


I co-founded a small startup (Codemage s.r.o.) that developed 3D design tool for designing custom kitchens.

I was developing some parts of the program using Unreal Engine 4, I was also helping with sever side (using Java/Spring) that was saving user generated files in the cloud.



BeProductive was application that helped you to manage your working time using pomodoro method. It was finished, but the client never made it public.

I developed the macOS application using Swift.

SLD Charts Generator


I wrote charts generator from GIS data to display simple charts of optical networks in cities around Ireland. Engineers were using this software to overlook the network.

I developed front-end part - a simpleAngular app with editable layout drawing using D3.



TeamX was application for organising government quick response teams like police or fire brigades.

I developed the map management application for iOS. I was displaying geospatial data using ArcGIS SDK.

Client: PointX, Prague, CZ

🚴🏻 Bikeshop.eu


Bikeshop.eu was a small bike parts retailer. I developed the whole back-office system that took care about the full cycle of stock management. This means managing stock of bike components, ordering parts at suppliers, synchronising the stock with eBay, Amazon and eshop based on Prestashop. The interface was made to allow quick management of large stock with emphasise on effectivity of operations.

The whole system was written in Java/Spring.

Client: Bikeshop.eu, Prague, CZ



I was a co-founded of a game development startup that was found to develop online card game called Coraabia. It was a fantasy game, quite successful at the time, but failed against better fund and larger competitors. Yet we gained some awards, namely Czech Game Debut of 2014.

We still have one of the largest fantasy game wikis - https://coraabopedia.cz or https://coraabia.gamepedia.com

I lead the team that took care about backend development. Server was developed using Java/Spring.

Location: Prague, CZ

Sample cards

OpenHRE - health care records exchange


I helped to create a system that allowed exchange of health care patient records (HL7) between hospitals.

I was in charge of a team customising some open source software for the need of the project (Pentaho reporting, Liferay portal, OpenSSO). I also lead a team developing installation packages for all components in RedHat Linux (interactive RPM packages).

Client: Browsersoft Inc., USA

BNSF Railways Tracks Chart Generator


Aim of this project was to get information about railways tracks from GIS database, process them and draw tracks charts from them. These charts were printed and helped track maintenance engineers to navigate through the network of tracks.

We processed data stored in DB2 database, we exported them as XML files and processed through XSLT pipeline. Then we created a Visual [Basic.NET](http://Basic.NET) pipeline that cleaned and aligned those tracks. As the next step, we used CSP solver to produce final tracks order. In the last step, we generated interactive and printable PDF files.

Client: BNSF Railways, USA

A sample of tracks

Puakma Vortex


Puakma Vortex was a Eclipse based IDE that allowed developers to work on projects for Puakma Tornado server directly in the IDE. It featured full integration of Eclipse IDE and remote development with a full custom build cycle and synchronisation between the IDE and the server. The whole IDE was Eclipse IDE plugin. Client: webWise Network Consultants Pty. Ltd., AU


Msc in computer science, Czech Technical University in Prague (CTU).

Contact me at 👉 martin at martinnovak.net or write me PM on  Twitter